Addicted to the Kik Messenger app? Do you hate the fact that you are confined to using this app on your smartphone? Well the guys behind the kik for pc app that brought kik messenger to the windows pc has now brought out…

Kik For Mac

kik for mac

Our Kik mac app will allow youto use kik messenger on mac, with every feature of the mobile app enabled

Download Kik Mac Version

To download kik for your mac, please click on the download button below and you will be taken to the download page

kik for mac

About KIK

150 million people like Kik! Only Kik lets you stay in touch with all your friends, regardless of how you meet them – at school, on your favorite social app, or an online game. Simply ask them: “What is your Kik?”
• Show your personality. Set a user name that is unique to you. With Kik, you never have to give your phone number

• Get in touch with your requirements. Special features Kik let you manage your conversations, so it’s always up to you who you talk to

• Do more than just chat. Find and share games, music, celebrity gossip and more – without ever leaving Kik

Whether you like games, music, celebrity news, or just chat, Kik is the place to be!

Here is what our users say:

“I love how this mac version of Kik  lets people send me text messages without having my number” – Kee

“This is a great and safe way to meet new people and chat with them using my macbook” – Kristin

“Really excellent. Love it!” – Cody